Wednesday, August 28, 2013

N ~ Needing Is One Thing, Getting Is Another

During my teenage years, whenever I need sex, I get it. Well, mostly from Uncle James.

In a previous story, I had mentioned that he lived with us in the province for several years; from when I was in grade 5 (2000) until I was a college sophomore (2007). There were times when he was gone for a couple of months, but he always returned. During those years, we were having sex almost on a daily basis, even simultaneously with my affairs with Jude, Kuya Matthew, Mary Jane, and Gio. If I wasn't in Metro Manila to be with either Jude or Kuya Matthew, Uncle James was there. For a couple of times that MJ refused my requests to have sex, I did it with him instead. Every night I spent away from Gio, he's the one who satisfied my lust.

When I was still uncircumcised, I was always the submissive one. I just followed his every whim. Whenever he kisses me, I allow him, not moving my lips. Every time he masturbates, I let him use one of my hands. If he tells me to get on top of him, I obediently do it. And like before, whenever he attempts to fuck me, I just raise my legs in silence. That was the situation for the first couple of years.

The first adult cock I had seen was his. One time, he was tutoring my younger brother for the upcoming exams. They were in our dining table. He told me to get under it. Since the tablecloth was very long, I am perfectly hidden inside. He grabbed my hand and put it on his crotch. I felt his already raging hard-on, so I pulled the front of his shorts down to let his dick out. In all the times Uncle James molested me, I had never seen his dick directly. Hence I was enthralled when I finally saw it. It was very different from mine. It's huge, thick, and veiny. I was mesmerized by its shape and its head. I stroked it and put it in my mouth, though I wasn't able to suck it whole. After playing with it for a couple of minutes, he signaled me to stop. So I went out and continued playing with my other siblings, knowing in my mind that we will finish the deed later.

When both my body and cock started to develop after my foreskin was cut off, our sex became much hotter. Our roles started to reverse bit by bit. I started to return his kisses, I masturbated together with him, and we took turns blowing each other in different positions. When I learned about rimming from watching porn, I told him about it. After that, we began doing it. I forget everything whenever I feel his tongue wiggling on my ass, sliding it from my buttcrack up to my balls. I often played with my tool while he rimmed me. Oh my, I felt like heaven opens up every time that happens, my inhibitions gone.

Uncle James was also the first person I ever topped. One night, I had him lying face-down, licking him from his nape down to his buttcrack. Then, I started shoving my tongue on his hole, his moans got louder and longer. Suddenly, he said, "Sepsep, pasukin mo ako." I stared at him, he nodded. I stood up to get a bottle of lotion. I slathered it liberally. I was able to slide my hot rod inside with much effort, ignoring his muffled cries of pain, enjoying the idea that I was the one in control. The sensation was new to me, like an unexplored land. It was very different from a blowjob. His ass was warm and very tight. Each thrust I made sent shivers up my spine. My eyes rolled in ecstasy, our moans came out in unison, and our bodies shining with sweat. Then I exploded, my body trembling in extreme pleasure as streams of cum spewed out inside him. We slumped back in bed, breathing heavily. From then on, I fucked him almost weekly. And I always did it bareback.

Eventually, I became much more dominant. There were instances that I ejaculate alone; after I reach climax, I go straight back into my bed and leave him to masturbate on his own, much to his disappointment. I treated him like my personal doll that I was able to use as I wish, and a sex tool that I got to practice with to enhance my skills. I wasn't bothered by that even for a bit though. I felt like he deserved it, for all the times he had caused me pain every time he tried to enter me; for ruining the remaining innocence of my childhood, prematurely unleashing the horny monster inside me.

In early 2008, he returned to his province and stayed there for good. His sudden disappearance threw me off a little. He still visited us from time to time though, staying for a night or two in my room. To make his visits worthwhile and his ass very sore in the morning, I pound him in every position I could think of, like hungry animals in the wild, making the bed creak all night long.

To be concluded...


    Haha. Glad to know you here!

  2. "for ruining the remaining innocence of my childhood" - I never regretted this, becasue of this mas marami pa akong alam sa mga kaibigan ko ngayon lalo na kung tungkol sa health.

  3. So ganun pala ang training ng isang top. Hardcore! hahahaha

    Anyway, I give it to the tops to feel dominant and all. I read somewhere, another power bottom used to say: "you come in hard, you come out limping."

    PAKK! hahahaha

    1. At sinong power bottom yan? Baka ikaw lang yan ha. *hahaha* Pero ang ganda ng kasabihan nya. Pwede nang motto in life. LOL

  4. Pinasok si Tito. #MedyoBadBoy :P


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