Thursday, August 8, 2013

E ~ Egomaniac For A Moment

This time, let's give the spotlight to Kuya Matthew.

Being Jude's older brother, he's the most blessed among us in terms of looks. He has round eyes, a perfectly contoured face, a lovely nose, very kissable lips, and a smooth mestizo complexion. He's so handsome, he could be the lead in his own telenovela. And I am not exaggerating. Once, we found a Facebook account posing as him, soliciting sexual invitations from other users. We had it immediately taken down, suspecting one of his added friends as the most likely culprit since his account is private. Currently standing around 5'10" tall, he sports a muscled body from attending gym. He's got an average dick though, but that's not something to be disappointed about. Besides, you wouldn't mind that much when your focus is mostly on his face.

Before I start with the meat of the story, I want to emphasize how I consider myself to be lucky after all my experiences with him, so forgive me if I will set aside my modesty for now. I know my description of him is getting unreasonably long, but for me, this is necessary. As a cousin, I am proud of Kuya Matthew. *heeheehee*

One thing I am very much fond of is when we hang out. I like showing him off to people, walking beside him, being with him in public. I feel like I am having a share of his gorgeousness during those times. He's definitely a looker; I am sure you won't be able to resist staring at him if ever your paths cross. I love watching how others, especially PLUs, ogle at him from a distance, reading in their faces their desires and lust. Fortunately, Kuya Matthew doesn't notice them, so they can admire him as much as they want to.

I love it when I see my friends get wide-eyed when I show them photos of him. In response, they show their interest by asking personal questions about him, and since I'm a good friend, I answer truthfully. Afterwards, they suddenly become dreamy, then ask me if I can hook them up with him. Of course, I politely decline. I might sound like a pimp, but I ain't one.

However, like everyone else, there is something unlovable about Kuya Matthew. I hate his personality. He is snobbish and cold. He can get friendly to other people, but to us, his cousins, he is boastful and nasty. When we were still children, he often pranks, teases, or boss us much to our irritation. We hate how most of our relatives favor him more than any of us. Fortunately, as we grew older, his attitude got better; he is no longer cold and nasty, but he is still boastful and snobbish. In spite all of these, we still love him though. For me, he is a great cousin, and childhood was more fun because of him.

Now, I present to you the meat of the story. *drumroll*

With Jude, I was the dominant one. He was never the instigator every time we had sex, that is my thing. I am the one who always told him where, when and how we will do it, and he will just follow. But with Kuya Matthew, I was submissive. We did it when we took baths together, while we are alone playing video games and during sleepovers when I am not with Jude. Our sex was only limited to: 1) me sucking him, 2) me cumming, 3) him trying to fuck me, and 4) him ejaculating. Numbers 1 and 2 don't happen usually, like they are optional, depending on his mood.

Here, allow me to tell you in detail. After stripping off our clothes, he would tell me to lie on the floor or on the bed, then he will kneel beside my face. I suck him, not because he enjoys it, but rather because he wants his cock lubricated when we don't have soap or lotion. Sometimes, he would command me to masturbate first. Then after I get off, he would scoop my cum and slather it on his penis for added lubrication. Afterwards, he would have me on all fours or lying down with my legs raised, my hole exposed for penetration. This was when he would try to fuck me, but always failed. When he manages to slide a little inside, I squirm in pain, causing his cock to be dislodged. He eventually gives up after several attempts, finishing our deed with him jerking and dumping his hot load on me. Afterwards, we clean up in silence, as if nothing occurred. It was a good thing that he is an eye-candy and looks so yummy, otherwise every sex was bland and very lousy.

There was one instance though that shocked me and left me wondering up until now. Getting irritated after several failed attempts in fucking me, he demonstrated it himself. How? He had me sitting on the toilet, lubricating my dick with soap, then he effortlessly sat on it, my cock sliding all the way inside! I was so enthralled with what he did that it took me seconds before I noticed that he already stood up, ordering me to go back in position, so that he can continue his attempt at devirginizing my ass. In my mind, I would like to ask him how it didn't seem to hurt when I entered him. Was his ass not a virgin anymore? Did he let another person, perhaps a friend or a classmate, do it to him before that's why he's so eager to try it on me? But he is such a virile person, that I had doubts with my ideas. I decided to let my questions stay unanswered. Besides, he might punch me if ever I probe further.

He never sucked me and we never kissed nor licked each other. It ended the same way like with his younger brother, something just switched off and he never initiated again. Not that I mind, the affair seemed pretty much one sided anyways.

I mentioned earlier that I consider myself lucky. Obviously, I feel proud deep inside when I see someone drool over him, thinking something along the lines of, "Yeah yeah, he's gorgeous and you like him, but if you only know what happened between us, you might die of envy." Oh, if only they were in my shoes. *teehee*

Going to the present, Kuya Matthew is currently working in Singapore as a hotel receptionist. He is living together with his 8-year-girlfriend. They broke up for a whole year once in the past when they are still in the Philippines. In that brief period of being single, he often hanged out with Kuya Tony, our cousin's rich fiancee. Kuya Tony took him to bars, hooking up with girls, or treated him to massage parlors, where the female therapists offer extra service. They usually tell us their manly adventures during our drinking sessions. When he got back together with Ate Joanne, he is behaved once again. Well, I guess his straight, or maybe bisexual... *sigh* I really don't know.

There is one last thing about Kuya Matthew that makes my friends squeal with envy when I tell them. Kuya Matthew has the habit of wearing only boxer shorts or boxer briefs at home, sometimes topless. And there are times when he sleeps, one or both of his legs are bent and wide open, his crotch and some family jewels clearly visible. I would probably salivate like a hungry dog at the sight of that, if it weren't for our history. I am used to it. Sometimes, I've thought of taking a photo of him in that state to show my friends, but I've always felt guilty of taking advantage of his innocence, so I resisted, much to the loud protests of my friend. They bruise me because of that.

And that's it! Now let me claim back my modesty.


  1. uhm... baka he's trainable naman? LOL

    so I have heard somewhere that to b a good top, has to be someone who was previously bottom? oh well, I am never ever giving up my crown! i tried it a handful of times and it was not as pleasurable for me

    also, you must be that uber cute that almost all your cousins are unable to resist your instigations or just couldn't get their hands off you LOL

    1. Ika nga nila, once you go bottom, you'll never go back. Hahaha!

      Well, cute lang siguro. Wala na yung uber. *hehe* ewan ko ba dun sa mga yun... :P

  2. Whew! Xerex ba itong binabasa ko o blog?


    1. *hahaha* Natutuwa naman ako na maihambing kay Xerex. Madalas ko yun basahin dati sa Abante nung binata pa ko. May times na dinadala ko yung dyaryo sa banyo para *toot toot toot*. ;)

  3. Hmmmnn... Mabuti naman at E pa lang... So, A-Z ba itong adventure? Backread muna ako.... then balik ako sa... I'll start with the Foreword, Preface at sa A cyempre...

    Iba 'to... hmnnn...

  4. ang sarap naman este ang saya naman ng karanasan mo sa kanila...

    1. Ginawa nilang memorable ang childhood hanggang teenage years ko. :)

  5. hahaha tumambling ako dito... sorry ngayon ko lang nababasa yung ibang mga stories ahahahaha.

  6. Doing my back reading now that I have the time, I'm surprised with that I read. Surprised and intrigued at the same time. A good and exciting read. Can't wait to read the entire thing...

    Maybe I should start from the very beginning :)


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