Friday, November 29, 2013

Letter Break 6 ~ You Should Meet My Son!

Pasensya na kung hindi ko pa nagagawang maisulat ang mga susunod kong stories. Bukod sa tinatamad ako ng slight, medyo busy din ako sa pagdo-drawing and other shits sa aking personal life. Ganun talaga, tao lang. Teka, meron bang concerned? I'm sure wala naman, assuming lang ako. *hehehe*

Kaya for now, gusto ko lang i-share sa inyo itong movie na sobrang love ko. It's a gay indie film sa U.S. of A. Ayon sa description, it is "a fish-out-of-water comedy about a conservative Southern mom who discovers that her only son is a closeted homosexual. Determined that he won't go through life alone, she sets out to find him a husband."

At dahil mama's boy ako, swak na swak sa puso ko ang movie na ito nung napanood ko. Ganon na lang ang wish ko na sana lahat ng magulang ay katulad nung mother ng bida. This inspirational film showcases the things a loving parent could do for the happiness of his/her child. It is very funny and incredibly heart-warming; worth every second of your time. Pramis, ipupusta ko parehong bayag ko.

I stumbled upon this sa isang torrent site while looking for good movies (yes, madalas akong nanonood through illegal means; patawad po, Lord), so you can also just download this from there if marunong kayo. Pero if you detest piracy and if afford niyo naman, you can rent or buy this from Amazon or iTunes.

I hope you can check out the trailer below. I love what the mother said from 1:46 to 2:05... *sigh* Enjoy! :)

Monday, November 18, 2013

Discerning The Duality Of A Triptych: Happiness

There are two things I could say I learned from this triptych. The first one, like what I said in the beginning, is that my verdict was incorrect; surprisingly, I advised Theo the wrong path to take. The second one is that Rey's belief about love, no matter how much far-fetched it may sound, could actually happen in real life. And both of these lessons stemmed from a single reason: Theo's decision.

This had been a hell of an emotion storm, and that's why I was, in fact, glad with the outcome. Theo finally knocked some sense into himself. Fortunately, he didn't pick the option of becoming miserable again in the arms of Justin. A few days after our secret conversation, Theo agreed to meet him somewhere. He told Justin upfront to get lost and to never bother him again. Justin expected otherwise, so just imagine his extreme belief after hearing that. I wish I have seen his reaction; it must have been priceless. Theo's rejection speech was so long, that his irate ex didn't let him finish and walked out on him. He was shaking the whole time, from head to foot, but it made him feel triumphant and free; feelings that he had been waiting for so long.

On the other hand, Theo couldn't stand the idea of picking up the broken pieces on his own. He wanted someone he could lean on in times like this. He needed an understanding soul to aid him in his goal. He thirsted for love. Being alone was another option he had no desire to take. So what's left then?

Yep, he chose Rey. After giving Justin a taste of his own goddamn medicine, Theo went straight to my best friend. He told him everything there is to spill. Rey remained quiet all through out. After a hearty exchange of tears and apologies, words needed not be spoken anymore. Instead, a warm and lengthy hug ended their sorrowful talk. With Rey's patience and guidance, they continued Theo's rehabilitation until he's totally moved on. It wasn't an easy feat, I tell you. But they made it. And I'm proud of them.

Afterwards, Theo began to develop mutual feelings for Rey. Though its pace was rather slow, at least it was steady. Before they celebrate their first year, they are already two almost inseparable love birds. A huge improvement compare to what they were at the start. I couldn't be happier for Rey as his efforts came into fruition.

As their relationship grew stronger, I started to hang out frequently with the two of them. Theo is actually a pretty cool guy when he's not drunk with self-destructive love (obsession would be a better term). He's very witty and has what seems to be an unlimited supply of interesting stories. I always enjoy my time with them. They are a hoot.

"Sana noon pa nagsimula kung ano man ang meron kami ni Rey. Ang tagal kasi niya umamin; wala rin naman akong idea. Eh di sana hindi na ako naghirap pa sa Justin na yun," he told me one time while we were dining out.

"Blessing in disguise na din yung narasan mo sa bwisit na 'yun. Marami ka naman natutunan, di ba? Sayang nga lang yung oras na ginugol mo sa kanya. But still, you came out of it stronger and better. Kaya fret no longer, Theo," I suggested.

"Well, naisip ko lang naman. Nakonsensya talaga ako dito dahil nadamay pa siya sa pagiging mahina ko... Siya ang pinakakawawa sa nangyari," he said while looking at Rey.

"Don't be. Alam mo ba kung sino ang pinakakawawa?" I said.

"Sino?" Rey asked.

"Si Justin. Dapat mo talaga siyang kaawaan kasi tingin ko hindi siya magiging tunay na masaya, base sa ugali at personality niya. Hindi siya makakahanap ng isang malalim at makabuluhang relasyon kung patuloy siyang magiging isang mababaw na tao. That would be his curse kung hindi siya magbabago," I explained.

"Well, may point ka. Dapat lang sa kanya 'yun. Screw him..." Theo said.

Rey laughed and said, "Bitter pa rin?"

"Tomoh. Ampalayang-ampalaya lang," I added.

Speaking of Justin, you might be wondering what happened to him. Forgive me for I have no idea. Not that I want to know, really. I never met the guy. And even of I did, I still wouldn't care. Theo never heard from him again after that rejecting him. And I'm sure that that is just fine with Theo; he wanted Justin to be as far away from him as possible.

Did Theo and Rey live happily ever after?

I guess so. As of today, they are nearing their third anniversary. They have surely come a long way. From their story, one could conclude that for every person that can cause you sorrow, there will always be another one who will give you happiness. And vice versa. Like one wouldn't exist without the other; you just have to know where to look. All in all, it was one hell of a crazy ride, with an ending straight up towards cloud nine.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Discerning The Duality Of A Triptych: Sorrow

"Sigurado ka bang hindi alam ni Rey ang tungkol dito?" I began.

It was a warm day with cloudy skies. I was sitting on a couch inside this overrated coffeehouse, while Theo sat uncomfortably in front of me. I could see that he's a little hesitant to talk.

"Oo... Geosef, kelangan ba talaga 'to?"

"At bakit naman hindi? Kelangan matapos na 'tong kalohokan niyo."

"Anong kalokohan?"

I chuckled.

"Alam mo namang best friend ako ni Rey, di ba? Malamang naikekwento niya lahat sa akin... Ayaw ko sana mangialam kasi hindi ko naman 'yun talaga ugali, isa pa eh hindi pa rin naman kita lubos na kilala, pero sa mga nangyayari ngayon, sumosobra na ata... Aba, kawawa naman na 'yung kaibigan ko. Hanggang kelan mo siya papahirapan? Kelangan ba talagang idamay mo pa siya sa pinagdadaanan mo?"

He became silent, but I waited for his answer.

"Madaling magsalita 'no? Kung alam mo lang din ang nararamdaman ko... Wala ka kasing idea..."

"Eh kaya nga tayo nandito ngayon. Para mag-usap... Willing naman ako na marinig ang side mo. Wag ka mag-alala, hindi kita papangunahan kay Rey..."

Another moment of silence; this time, Theo was eyeing me intently.

"Ok... Pero I have two conditions. Una, you'll let me finish my story. At pangalawa, you won't judge me prematurely."

I gave him a cordial nod, then he started talking.

He told me things Rey never mentioned before: how Theo and Justin started, their setup (or rather the abuse), the good things (they are not, really; he just thinks they are), and the bad things (which, for me, is everything they had, including their relationship itself). He also told me information I already know: how Justin dumped him without second thoughts, the excruciating distress he experienced because of it, and the premise of his current relationship with my best friend. As he was telling his side of the story, he began to become emotional and a bit teary-eyed. It was awful to hear all of that, but I had to; I needed to see the bigger picture.

I felt that there was something more he would like to say, so I asked, "Tapos ka na ba?"

He didn't answer. His gaze was fixed on the cup in his hands.

"Bakit kelangan idamay mo pa si Rey? Oo, umamin siya sa'yo at siya ang nag-propose ng idea, pero bakit ka pumayag? Lalo na't alam mo namang unstable pa ang emotions mo. Kung talagang best friend mo rin si Rey, tatanggi ka... Di mo ba napapansin na parang ginagawa mo rin sa kaibigan ko ang ginawa sa'yo ni Justin?"

He kept mummed. I sighed.

"Wala naman tayong mapapala kung hindi ka sasagot, Theo..."

"Hindi ako komportable kasi galit ka sa akin..."

That surprised me; I didn't expect that.

I gave him a short laugh and said, "Okay, okay. Sorry kung 'yan ang feeling mo... But really, I'm not. Gusto kong tumulong, hindi lang kay Rey, kundi pati na din sayo. Pasensya na kung mukha akong naiinis... Reset tayo, okay?"

He smiled; it was small but appreciative.

"Okay. May tanong ako... May naramdaman ka ba kay Rey, kahit kaunting pagmamahal, nung umamin siya sayo?"


"Eh ngayong mag-aapat na buwan na kayo?"

"Wala pa rin..."

"Pero bakit? I mean, bakit mo pa pinapahaba?"

"Kasi ayaw kong mawala si Rey... Siya ang pinaka-takbuhan ko nung panahong kami pa ni Justin. Siya ang pinaka-umalalay sa akin sa difficulties na dinanas ko... Nung umamin siya sa'kin matapos akong iwan ni Justin, natakot ako na kapag tinanggihan ko ang alok nya, na kapag ni-reject ko siya, baka iwasan at layuan n'ya ako. And I can't afford to lose Rey too, Geosef... Importante din naman siya sa akin..."

"Aware ba siya na wala kang nararamdaman para sa kanya?"

"Napag-usapan na namin 'yan nung una pa lang... Sabi naman niya, okay lang daw kasi rebound thing lang naman. Para lang maka-move on na ko..."

"Hindi mo ba alam na umaasa siya na hindi lang 'rebound thing' ito? Alam mo bang hinihiling niya na sana mahalin mo din siya at magiging kayo ng matagal?"

This time, it was him who was taken aback.

"So, at least ngayon alam mo na... Effective naman ba itong ginagawa niyo ni Rey? Siguro naman naka-move on ka na kahit papano. Dumaan na ang 3 months eh."

"Yun nga Geosef... Actually, parang walang improvement... Aaminin ko, within the first month mula ng breakup, para akong baliw na ewan. After mag-resign ni Justin, may times na pumupunta ako sa mga madalas niyang tinatambayan, nagbabaka-sakaling makita ko siya ulit. Naging stalker din ako sa social networking sites niya. Para akong agila na nakabantay sa hapunan ko... At hindi alam ni Rey ang mga yan. Akala niya ginagawa ko ang lahat para tulungan ang sarili ko na makabangon... Wala siyang idea na ang dami kong ginawang paraan para makita lang ulit ang ex ko...

"Buti na lang, nabawasan lahat ng 'yon nung naka-abot na kami sa pangalawang buwan. Unti-unti ko na nari-realize ang sitwasyon. Nakakabangon na ko kahit papaano. Hindi ko na hinahanap si Justin gaya nung una..."

"Oo nga eh, for a month parang nabawasan ang mga hinanaing sa akin ni Rey. Kesyo okay ka na daw, bumabalik na daw ang timbang mo sa dati, nakakatulog ka na daw ng maayos... Akala ko tuloy-tuloy na yan. Hanggang sa around 3 weeks ago, madalas na naman niya akong tawagan at i-text. Matamlay ka na naman daw at palaging wala sa sarili... Bakit, ano ba ang nangyari? Bakit mo nasabi kanina na 'parang walang improvement'?"

He looked down. I noticed his sudden change of expression, from relaxed to melancholic.

"Earlier this month, may na-receive akong text mula kay Justin. It was the first time na kinontak niya ko uli. Miss na daw niya ako at naisip niya na nagkamali daw siya. Na-realize niyang mahal niya pala talaga ako... It was surreal Geosef, nung mabasa ko 'yun. Hindi ko alam kung nasa langit ba ako o nasa impyerno ulit... Sagot ko sa kanya, meron na akong bagong boyfriend at unti-unti na kong nagmu-move on. Sabi niya huwag daw, kasi sayang naman ang relasyon namin. May pagkakataon pa raw kaming maging masaya, gagawin niya ang lahat para hindi na ako ulit mahirapan at malungkot. Nangako siya na hindi na niya uulitin 'yung mga nagawa niyang hindi maganda... Pinagsisihan na raw niya ang mga 'yon... Natuto na siya... Kaya sana pumayag na daw ako na magkabalikan kami..."

"At ano naman ang sagot mo?"

"Sabi ko na lang, pag-iisipan ko muna..."

That one, I wasn't surprised. I guess I could say I saw that one coming.

"You should understand, Geosef. It was very tempting... And I'm considering it, sa totoo lang. Pero hindi ko magawang maharap si Rey..."

"Don't worry, Theo. I'm not judging you. Pinipilit kong intindihin ang nararamdaman mo..."

"After nang pag-uusap namin, madalas na niya kong i-text. Halos araw-araw, hanggang ngayon. Nangangamusta at humihingi ng update sa desisyon ko... At habang tumatagal, lalo siyang nagiging mapilit. In turn, lalo naman akong napapaisip..."

We both exhaled deeply, but his was longer.

"Help me Geosef... I'm so confused... Ano ang gagawin ko?"

"I'm going to speak my mind, may I? Ito na din ang verdict ko."

"Go ahead..."

"You are stupid, at alam kong alam mo yan... Alam mo kung sino ang dapat mong piliin? Wala. Obviously, hindi si Rey. Kung nagagawa mong i-consider ang sinasabi ng tarantado mong ex, hindi ka karapat-dapat sa best friend ko. Spare him the pain hangga't maaga pa. Kung hindi mo siya kayang mahalin, please don't use him. Kasi kung ganon lang, wala ka ring pinagkaiba kay Justin, user and insensitive to the point na wala nang puso.

"At siyempre, lalong hindi mo dapat balikan si Justin. I don't think na sincere siya sa mga sinabi niya. C'mon, don't fall for that again. Di ka naman siguro pinalaki ng magulang mo para magpa-alipin sa ibang tao, lalo na 'yung mga halang ang kaluluwa. Nabuhay ka nga sa mundo ng 20 years na wala 'yung Justin na yun eh. Hindi mo siya kelangan para huminga, matulog, kumain, at kung ano-ano pang shit sa buhay... Pustahan tayo, itataya ko ang isang bayag ko, mararanasan mo lang din ulit 'yung mga ginawa niya sayo noon. And sooner or later, iiwan ka lang rin niya kapag wala ka nang pakinabang sa kanya.

"Ang dapat mong piliin ay ang sarili mo. Wala ng iba. Self-respect lang Theo, at self-control. Mahirap pero kaya 'yun. Gawin mo ang lahat para bumalik sa dati mong sarili. Umiwas ka sa ex mo at 'yung mga bagay na nakakapag-paalala sa kanya. At kung pwede, umiwas ka din sa best friend ko para maka-move on din siya. Find a new hobby, lumipat ka sa ibang company, or look for solace in the presence of your family. Ikaw lang ang makakatulong sa sarili mo, hindi ang ibang tao."

"Eh paano kung isa sa kanila ang piliin ko?"

"Kung si Justin ang pipiliin mo, then wag na wag ka nang magpapakita sa best friend ko. Bahala ka na sa buhay mo. Kung ano man ang mangyayari sa'yo, kargo mo na ang sarili mo. Pero wag na wag mo nang idadamay ulit si Rey, kasi pati ako nasasali. Ako ng bahala sa kaibigan ko after mo siyang iwan. Hiwalayan mo siya, tapos maglaho ka na parang bula. Magiging mas madali 'yun para sa kanya...

"If si Reyteka, di mo naman siya mahal, di ba? I don't think na pipiliin mo siya. Pero kung sakali man, then do everything para mag-work ang plano niyo nung una pa lang. Gaya nang sabi ko kanina, iwasan mo na si Justin. Learn to appreciate Rey. Do your best to reciprocate his love. Be honest with him. Kung bigla mong maalala ang ex mo, tell Rey. If suddenly makaramdam ka ng lungkot, sabihin mo sa kaibigan ko. Kapag feeling mo gusto mong makita si Justin, si Rey ang hanapin mo. Yung mga tipong ganun... Mas magiging effective kayo if magiging open kayo sa isa't-isa. No more secrets."

I let him have several minutes of silence to ponder my lengthy advice. I slurped the remaining whipped cream sitting at the bottom of my cup.

"Thanks Geosef. I really needed that..."

I smiled at him.

"Tsaka mo na lang ako pasalamatan kapag naging maganda ang kahahantungan nito..."

To be concluded...

Monday, November 11, 2013

Discerning The Duality Of A Triptych: Rey

To complete this triptych, it is time for you to know more about Rey. I already mentioned him before, in another story together with Lanie, but don't worry, I know the chances are slim that you'll still remember that.

Rey and I are best friends since high school. He's a few inches shorter, skinny, and a bit bony. He's cute in his own way; some may find him attractive, while others may not. A timid and shy guy he is, he doesn't talk much, unless drunk. It's kinda difficult for him to express himself. During conversations, it is normal of him not to be inquisitive and responsive. However, in spite of that, he is a very patient listener. He absorbs much of whatever you tell him; he's like a wall, but with an unbreakable attentiveness, or perhaps a memory journal. While Lanie is reliable for giving sensible advices, Rey never fails in providing a sympathetic ear.

Another good thing about him is his loyalty—it is unwavering. I can't think of any instances where he ratted me out to anybody. He's pretty much a keeper, really. When he falls in love, he does it slowly but surely, as well as very deeply. He has this belief that when one chooses to love someone, life will surely find a way to make everything fall into place, to make it happen. In my opinion, it sounds ridiculous and unrealistic. But I have no choice, I have to respect my friend's ideals.

How is he connected to Theo? Well, coincidentally, they are best friends too. But they started later, during first year in college. They were both Marketing students in this reputable university for the rich. After graduating, they both worked in the same company. They had the same colleagues, including Justin. And as the douchebag abused Theo, Rey quietly watched in the background, helpless and heartbroken as well.

Yes... My friend was secretly in love with Theo, for more than 4 years, since they first met. So seeing him suffer at the hands of some bastard had a huge impact on Rey, and yet he could never bring himself to stop the injusticea regret that still haunts him until today. He told me all of that after coming out to me, 2 months before Justin finally dumped Theo.

After the inevitable breakup, Rey suddenly had the courage to reveal to his best friend his true feelings. He asked the devastated Theo to use him as a rebound guy, that he would take care of him, to make him feel the warmth of being properly loved. He literally begged Theo to consider his proposal, though deep inside, Rey was hoping that, somehow, this would develop into something more, that he will forever be his.

Because Theo was extremely distraught, he took Rey's offer, much to the latter's relief and joy. However, it didn't go as smoothly as expected. Rey did his best to nourish Theo back to life, to recover his old self, and to retrieve his wasted enthusiasm, but Theo still yearned strongly for Justin. There were several instances when Theo would stalk on his ex, like going to places where he might bump into him, all without Rey's knowledge.

The first time I met Theo was a month after they began their relationship. I will never forget that day. I gave him one careful look, measuring him up, and this was my first impression: he's lifeless and empty, like someone devoid of a soul. Initially, I didn't like him. He was pulling my best friend down with him.

On the other hand, I gave Rey a long hard look as well. The last time I saw him 3 months ago, he was still healthy and pretty much alive. Now, he looked like he aged several years older; he seemed tired and unhappy. Actually, the two of them looked pitiful. As Theo stared at something far-off, I saw Rey looking at him intently, full of love yet brimming with worry.

That was the first time I saw Rey in that state. And after that meeting, my best friend began to contact me frequently, asking for advices or blowing off some steam, usually when Theo takes him for granted. I was his shock absorber for the next couple of months. I know I shouldn't complain, but his rants became too troublesome for me. He had changed, Rey was not in his right self anymore, all because of that stupid Theo.

Thus, I decided to intervene.

To be continued...

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Discerning The Duality Of A Triptych: Justin

There are things about Justin—the one who's occupying the left panel of this triptych—that are worth mentioning, but I'm not sure where to begin. So let's see... *hmmm*

Justin is an extremely vain homosexual. You can often catch him inside salons, having his hair colored and fixed and his nails meticulously done; at his regular high-end gym, keeping his body buffed and ripped; and in sophisticated malls, shopping for the latest trends in clothing and gadgetry. Because of his height, flawless looks, and mouthwatering body, he frequently joins male beauty pageants around Laguna. He has a resemblance with the sexy actor Wendell Ramos. He has his own fan page in Facebook, littering it with countless semi-nude selfies and self-gratifying status posts.

To put it out there, I hated his guts. Well, not because of his vanity—he has every right to be like that, it's his life anyway—but rather because he's a huge jerk. In contrast to his pleasing appearance, he's your typical douchebag-next-door: loud, egotistic, big-headed, and a hypocrite. He categorizes himself as a tripper (a straight guy who enjoys gay sex), so that he could freely discriminate and look down on effeminates, when in fact he's struggling with his own straight-acting skills and he's actually as queer as a drag queen in a cabaret. He's a big waste of oxygen, really.

Unfortunately, Justin once became Theo's apple of the eye. He has everything that Theo physically wants in a man. And it was too late when Theo realized Justin's rotten personality. He was the cause of Theo's suffering, which, sadly, lasted for a very long time.

They started as teammates at work a few years ago. When Justin was newly hired, Theo was the one assigned to train him. Like the hopelessly romantic little girl that Theo was, it didn't take him long to fall for the guy. And after making sure that he's got a shot, even for a little, at having Justin, he confessed. To his relief, Justin had no violent reactions. However, Justin bluntly told Theo that he could never reciprocate my friend's feelings. To which the lovestruck Theo replied with, "Gagawin ko ang lahat, mahalin mo lang din ako."

And that was when the abuse began, for almost a fucking year.

Their relationship (yes, they had one) was very one-sided; Theo had always been on the giving end, submitting to Justin's every whim. He supported his lover's penchant for vanity, shelling out cash for haircuts, skin treatments, and new clothes. Six months into their affair, half of his savings were gone. At work, Justin often made him do almost all of the tasks assigned to them. During sex, Theo's always the only one who provide service; Justin never returned the favor after shooting load. There were also instances when Justin would fuck him insensitively, then leaves him alone in bed afterward to take a shower. He was like a sex doll: discarded after its purpose was fulfilled. He also had an inkling that Justin might be cheating on him at times, but he never caught the motherfucker in the act. Unlike him, Justin never introduced Theo to acquaintances as a boyfriend, not even once, particularly to friends. He felt that Justin is ashamed of him, but he didn't have enough courage to confirm this.

As Justin became more and more desirable, Theo became more and more miserable. He lost a lot of weight, he was often sleep-deprived, his eyes showed despair, and pimples reigned all over his face. His work performance became poor, which was the reason he nearly got fired once. His relationships with family and friends were greatly affected as well. And in spite all of that, Justin never cared. Nada. Not even an ounce of concern.

The sad thing is, my friend became blinded with unconditional love. He failed to see the truth: the man he's obsessed with came from the depths of hell, sent to ruin his sweet life. Nonetheless, he was aware of the fact that their setup is taking its toll on him, but he could never bring himself to end it. Despite of the unfortunate situation he's in, he's still hoping that, someday, Justin would finally love him backto see him as someone worthy of tender loving care.

At one point, Theo thought that he will never be able to crawl out of the pit that he himself had dug. It seemed he was nearing his breaking point, until, one day, someone else entered the picture.

To be continued...

Monday, November 4, 2013

Discerning The Duality Of A Triptych: Theo

Theo, like most gays I know, fancies men one can put in a pedestal: tall, handsome, flawless, and muscled. He's a diehard Sam Milby fan. I could still remember quite vividly the time when I accompanied him in one of the actor's mall tours. He was waving a huge banner and shouting, "Sam! Sam! Saaaaam!" amidst the disillusioned crowd. He was giggling widly, like a woman pumped with gallons of hormones. If ever you saw a friend in that state, I bet my penis you wouldn't be able to forget that moment.

Theo is quite a looker himself, although he always says that he's only an average guy. He's about 5'6", lean, and good-looking with a couple of acne problems from time to time; his chinky eyes make him look a couple of years younger. When he's not squealing like a little girl whenever he sees that Milby guy, he's a decent straight-acting homosexual. He likes manly sports (guess why), he's a car enthusiast, and he's fond of skateboards and BMXs. Another good thing about Theo is his intellect. He can engage you in mind-bending conversations, which is the reason why some people (mostly the stupid ones) don't like him. Not that he cares though.

Theo, generally, is a good person. He's charitable, family-oriented, reliable, and responsible. And he was tested with this very unusual dilemma, which, in my amazement, could unbelievably occur in real life. I, myself, found it fake and delusional at first. However, it indeed happened to my friend, and I had no choice other than to just follow the progress of his story.

Now, I want you to think of this as a triptych, with Theo in the middle, hanging alone on a wall inside a bustling museum. The two other frames—one each on his sides—represents a duality. The dualism of happiness and sorrow. And you, reader, are a spectator standing in front of it, who is encouraged to give your judgment to the curator (yours truly) after he tells you the whole story behind this fateful work of art.

I already gave Theo my verdict years ago. And I couldn't be more wrong. I was very, very mistaken. Let's see if you will choose the right one.

To be continued...
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