Sunday, August 4, 2013

C ~ Charged To Experience

I have numerous experience with the taboo called 'incest'. I can't even remember all of it in detail, but I do remember all of the people who I did it with. One of them, who greatly influenced my homosexual life, was Uncle James.

He is a cousin of my mother from somewhere way up north and is 20 years older than me. He has a lean body with traces of muscle; he used to work in the fields. He's tall, dark, and not handsome, but he owns a huge and perfectly proportioned dick, the one you often see in porn movies.

I remember vividly how it all started, and it was not very nice. It was during that time when we were still renting an apartment situated across my grandparents' house in Metro Manila, back when my last story was still happening. We had a spare room used for guests, and that's where Uncle James stayed when he was with us while looking for work.

One hot afternoon, I was alone with him at home. I got bored inside my room so I decided to go outside to play. On my way to the the door leading downstairs, I heard him speak.

"Pst! Sepsep," he called.

"Bakit po tito?" I asked.

"Halika dito sa loob. Dali," he ordered.

His room was dark. He was lying in bed half-naked, slightly covered in sheets. He was already masturbating before he even summoned me.

"Ano po yun tito?" I asked again.

"Upo ka dito sa tabi ko," he said.

I innocently sat on the bed, still oblivious to what will transpire. However, I noticed there was something off with the tone of his voice; it was unsettling. Gone was his usual jolly and warm personality.

"Hawakan mo 'to. Tapos itaas-baba mo ang kamay mo," he whispered.

Since the room was pitch black, he guided my hand towards his groin. Now allow me to share that, up to this point, I still have no idea what an adult penis looks like, especially a fully erected one, but I can accurately recall what it felt like when I grasped Uncle James' cock for the first time. It was warm, throbbing, and steel-hard. It was so thick and veiny that I wasn't able to completely wrap my hand around it. I felt like I was holding the handle of my large toy sword.

I started moving my hand up and down with difficulty, my mind blank and my mouth dry.

"Bilisan mo paaaaa, he moaned, his voice rising dramatically every second.

Thinking about it now, I should've answered, "Nagmamadali? Teka lang ha, first time ko 'to eh!" But I kept my mouth shut and just obliged.

Soon, I got tired easily, so he took over, wrapping his hand on top of mine, and continued the titillating motion. I was quiet the whole time, while curses and erotic sounds erupted loudly from his lips. I felt my hand getting numb from being sore. Not long after, his body started to convulse, his moans became more intense. I was frightened that something horrible was happening to him. I was about to shout his name when jets of white liquid suddenly spewed out of nowhere, landing all on his neck and chest, some oozed down to my hand. He started to relax, twitching intermittently and breathing heavily.

I was too dumbfounded, I didn't realize that my mouth was hanging open. I waited for him to finish wiping himself. The next words I heard from him are bored deep in my memory.

"Wag na wag ka magsusumbong ha! Subukan mo lang kundi papatayin kita!" he threatened in a tone that can make any child cry.

I just gave an obligatory nod, walked out of the room, and went outside to do what I intended doing in the first place. In my mind, I was thinking that there was no need for him to threaten me so harshly; somehow deep inside, I enjoyed it too. But nonetheless, I was afraid of what he said.

And that wasn't the end of it. On some nights, he had me slept with him, my parents having no inkling of all the things that occurred in our spare room. We always did the usual, him jerking using my hand.

But there was another hot afternoon wherein he did something to me that he hasn't done yet. It was during one of my naps. We were in one of the rooms upstairs my grandparents' house. I was lying facedown, my legs wide open and my hips slightly raised. He slathered something cold and slippery on my ass, then I felt pressure and pain like never before. Yes, he is trying to fuck me, if you can't take a hint. He pushed and pushed, while I gritted my teeth hard, doing my best not to shout. After catching my breath for a few moments, he would push some more, but to no avail. I don't know if Uncle James is stupid or crazy or both, but there is no way a dick like his can penetrate a child-size butthole like mine, even if it's just the head. I would pass out if he succeeds, or worse, get killed due to all the bleeding that might happen.

After around a half hour of trying and failing, he gave up and just masturbated, spraying his hot cum all over my back. I quickly fell asleep right after because of exhaustion. From then on, he always tried fucking me, much to my suffering, but he was never successful.

When we transferred in the province, he eventually followed; he can't find a decent job so he became our helper for several years. Because we shared a room, our countless sexcapades went on, but that's another story. *double wink*

Do I harbor hatred towards Uncle James? Well, I admit that he is a fucking pedophile, and there's no doubt that what he did to me was a clear case of child abuse, but I would have to say no. In fact, I am even grateful, the reason which I will expound when I concluded his story. For now, I would leave it like this, because there is still so much more to tell.


  1. When I started studying Psychology only then I deduced that my preference is due to my abhor-ration with my father. When I was about 8 and I saw a straight couple sex clip, I remember asking an uncle of mine to try it out with me because it looked like they were having fun. He just chuckled at the idea and went to bed.

    I sorta envy you. I, wanted it.

    1. Why do you detest your father?

      You should've seduced your uncle instead; have him watch the whole clip until he's horny. Asking bluntly for sex isn't effective. ;)

  2. I'm a classic Electra complex. I was more exposed to women than men. I befriended girls easier than guys. My papa pushed me through masculine things like weights and karate and stuff I wasn't interested in at the time. I had difficulty earning his affection because I was too soft and lanky and he wanted a rough and touch kid.

    Later on in life I got around liking the gym and the perks. He hated the fact that I got strong shapely legs and a bubbly butt LOL

    Besides, when I asked my uncle out I had no idea what I was getting into? I never really learned to jerk off until I was 16

    1. A bubbly butt eh? Now I'm interested. *heeheehee*

      Well, that's a good way to get back at him. Is he homophobic?

      Hmm, isn't 16 a little late? I was already a college freshman at that age. I started learning the joys of masturbation when I was 12. But I guess it is different for everybody. ;)

    2. May I butt in Geosef and Seth? Haha. I can relate. I was 16 when I got to jerk off. Although I already had an idea how to do it (see my comment below) but I never did try it myself before.

    3. Mga late bloomers kayo. *hehehe*

      Or baka excited lang ako na batang malibog? LOL

    4. Hey, maybe it has something to do with tops? Hahaha! Although, the statement was too conclusive to be valid. :))

    5. Di naman siguro. I think no one is born a bottom. Nasa environment na lang yun. :P

    6. Speaking of that pano ba nalalaman kung bottom ang isa? Hahaha, ako kasi parang gut feeling lang?

    7. sa totoo lang super curious lang ako nun basta ang alam ko yung hand position and jacking motion. so one time umuwi ako, locked my room and tried it out.

      siguro after 20 or so minutes i felt something coming out and naloka lang ako nung halos bumabaha yung puson ko akala ko naiihi ako?

      i never enjoyed it. hindi ko kasi alam na sasabayan mo ng fantasy?

      i was 12 naman na memorized ko na yung human reproductive system pero it never occurred to me paano lalabas yung sperm and meet the egg and why the two are designed as such? mejo tanga lang.

      18 ako when I had my cherry picked, mga 23 - 27 sex machine na ako LOL

    8. Too bad hindi mo naenjoy ang first ejaculation mo.

      I remember when it was my first time. It was like I discovered a whole new world, parang si Jasmine sa Aladdin. Sa sobrang tuwa ko, excited kong ikinuwento sa older cousin ko (na alam kong nilalabasan na) after ko gawin habang naliligo. *hahaha* Di ko na maalala yung reaksyon nya.

      Paanong sex machine? i-blog na yan! :)

    9. LOL I am just incompetent when trying to weave a story about sex? Wala akong talent jan.

    10. I can relate kay seth. I grew up with mostly women around. mas madali din ako makipagkaibigan sa babae.

      weird ba na parang grade 1 palang ako, marunong na ko magmasturbate? sa incestious act ko din natutunan yung akin. siguro dahil dun kaya ganito ko hehe

    11. I think it's perfectly normal for kids to play with their genitals. May tawag ang psychology sa ganyang stage eh. Pero yung incestuous acts, siyempre hindi. :)

  3. If not most, all of my gay friends have the same experience with their uncles or "tito-titohan". Even myself, had an experience with my uncle but yours was more intense. Maybe it was a contributing factor for homosexuality I guess.

    Now, I'm already a tito but I for sure wouldn't do that with my nephew even if I'm super libog. Kadiri!

    Di mo ba naisip na hanapin yung tito and do the same things just like before? Hahaha!

    1. It is that common, I guess. If gagawa ka lang ng listahan ng sexual crimes, isa yun sa trending. Hahaha!

      Same here. Even though I was molested, I would never do this to someone way younger than me. I'm not a pedophile.

      Regarding your question, that I will explain in another story. ;)

  4. I had an experience with two of my uncles when I was a kid. But its the other way around. I was the one being masturbated by my uncles. Separately though. I don't know if either one had an idea that the other was doing it as well. I remembered that I usually look forward to taking naps with my uncles and waited for the hand that would eventually slid under my shorts.

    The funny thing is, when I was about to be circumcised, I was scared that they might not do those things again. So, what I did was take a nap numerous times the day before. Haha!

    And I was never masturbated by my uncles again when I got circumcised.

    1. i-blog na yan! :)

      Ang weird nila. Kung kelan ka natuli tsaka ka nila tinigilan. :p

      Kamusta na yung 2 uncles mo?

    2. They're still the same. I'm still attracted with one of them despite him being at least 45 - 50 y.o already. Haha! Sorry, he's really ma-appeal. Even his sons and daughters are charismatic.

      Haha, you gave me a new blog post idea. :)

    3. I like older men too. Madami pa ding daddies na around 50's na eh hotness pa din. :)

      There you go! Abangan ko yan ha.

    4. daddies ang binobottom mo?

  5. Oh my... I heard a lot of friends who had the same experience... Tsk... Hyyy... I felt something reading this... Inggit? hehehe

    Ayos ang discussion dito ha...

    Wala kasing mga gadgets before kaya siguro mga bata ang napaglalaruan...tsk tsk tsk... Very wrong.

    So very awkward siguro ang moment whenever you see your uncles noh?

    1. Para sa akin okay lang ang nangyari, naenjoy ko naman eh. Preferred ko na ako ang ginalaw nya, kahit na madami akong pinsan na hamak namang mas good-looking kaysa sakin. Ako na lang, wag lang sila, lalo naman ang mga kapatid ko.

      Sa akin hindi awkward. Iexplain ko yan in another story. I forgot to mention na 1/3 pa lang to ng whole story with Uncle James. ;)

    2. Are you sure na ikaw lang ang nagalaw? hmmnn.. Sana naman...

    3. I'm pretty sure. Di na un gagalaw ng iba. *hehe*

  6. Ayaw kong mag-comment. Thank you! :)

  7. C ~ curious ako kung bakit grateful kapa sa ginawa sayo. hehe ang tapang mo to share this story. at naka french ang title ng post. Pinilit sa C? haha

  8. I know this may sound so off but...

    Fuck, this is hot.


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