Tuesday, September 10, 2013

U.1 ~ Up For A One-Night Stand

One Wednesday night on September of 2010, I was hanging around PlanetRomeo when suddenly...


FarmBoy: Hey, ano meron tonight?

I checked his profile. His face in his pictures were all covered. It piqued my curiosity, so I replied.

Me: Nothing much. Gumagala lang dito sa PR. How about you?

FarmBoy: Same as you. Are you available tonight? I could use some company. I'm Joseph by the way.

Me: Nah, medyo late na. Di na ako papayagan lumabas. I'm Geosef.

FarmBoy: Sayang, ang cute mo pa naman. I like your photos. And mukhang very interesting ka based on your profile. How about dinner tomorrow night instead?

Me: Can you provide an uncovered photo of yourself first? Unfair kasi, yung sa akin nakita mo na.

FarmBoy: Here. :)

Me: Thanks. I like your smile. May kamukha kang celebrity, hindi ko lang ma-pinpoint.

Farmboy: So how about that dinner?

Me: Sure, why not.

FarmBoy: What's your number?

Me: 092747724**. See you tomorrow.


I was anxious, waiting outside the restaurant he mentioned. This would be the first time I will meet someone from that website. I don't really know why I said yes. He seemed decent and sincere. I was hoping that this wouldn't be a mistake.

I saw him waving as he approached. He looked nice. His hair was polished. His smile was warm and friendly. He's around my height, moreno, and neatly dressed. I could tell that he's hitting the gym by looking at his big chest and arms. Face-wise, he reminded me of a discounted Doc Ferds Recio. Although he wasn't much of my type, I still found him interesting.

"Hi Geosef," he started, offering his hand. I liked his voice. It was deep and very manly.

"Hey. Nice to meet you. Joseph ba talaga ang name mo? I can sense na hindi," I said, smiling.

He gave a short laugh, looking slightly embarrassed, and said, "Well, you got me. Ace ang tunay kong name. How about you?"

"I don't really do that. Geosef talaga ang name ko. Pero you can call me Sepsep," I said.

"Sure, that's nice... So tara, pasok na tayo," he suggested.

It was a nice dinner. The food was delicious. Our conversations were engaging. I learned that he's actually 8 years older than me, which was not bad since I am into older men; I was 20, he was 28. We had some hearty laughs. I felt we had a connection which I hadn't experienced before. Afterwards, he invited me to his place for a movie. I said yes. I didn't want to go home yet. I wanted to spend more time with him. Since his house is just 5 minutes away, we decided to walk. 

I loved his abode. It's a 2-story bachelor's pad; spacious, clean, and well-maintained. His living room is cozy with a huge flat-screen TV mounted on the wall equipped with a surround-sound system. His kitchen is conducive to elaborate cooking. And his bedroom is the whole 2nd floor. It shows what kind of personality he has.

Upon giving me a short tour, he started the movie 'Bulletproof Monk'. We were sitting at his couch. As the movie went on, I felt he was moving closer and closer to me. So I hugged a pillow, moved a little away from him, and kept my focus on the TV. He seemed to notice this because he stopped. The movie ended with nothing happened between us. After that, I asked him if he could accompany me up to the bus stop. I saw a hint of disappointment on his face, but he agreed nonetheless.

It was a bit awkward while we were walking. He became much quieter, talking just a little.

"Hey Ace, may problema ba? Kanina ka pa tahimik," I probed, unsure if I would like to hear his answer.

"Ano kasi...Nahihiya ako itanong, pero... Hindi ka ba interesado sa akin?" he said childishly.

I smiled at him and said, "Ah kaya pala eh. Sobrang interesado kaya ako sayo! Honestly, nag-enjoy ako ng sobra. Sana nga may kasunod pa ito. Nag-iisip na nga ako kung kelan ulit eh."

Relief flashed in his face as he said, "Talaga? Parang ang cold mo kasi habang nanonood tayo ng movie. Sa totoo lang, ang plano ko lang talaga with you ay one-night stand. Akala ko kagaya ka lang nung ibang mga nakilala ko sa PR. Kaya medyo nadismaya ako nung walang nangyari kanina. Kahit man lang kiss wala. I assumed na hindi mo ko gusto."

"Ikaw naman. Kung alam mo lang. Actually, gusto na kitang gahasain kanina! Gigil na ako sayo. Pero pinigilan ko ang sarili ko, kasi gusto ko maging maayos ang gabing ito. Naramdaman ko na this is something good. Na mukhang may mas maganda pang maidudulot ang pagkikita natin, so I have to play my cards right. Baka kasi bumaba ang tingin mo sa akin kapag nakipag-sex agad ako. Gusto ko ma-impress ka sa akin. Na hindi ako tipikal na lalake sa PR. Kaso mali ang naging dating sayo. Cheer up ha!" I said, laughing.

"Thanks for being honest, Sepsep. I am glad to hear that. Like you, pakiramdam ko din na I want more of this. Na parang hindi kita dapat palampasin... Hindi ko in-expect na magiging interesting ka pala. So how about a movie again tomorrow night? Magluluto ako for you. Magaling akong cook," he invited.

"Same time?" I asked.

"Same time," he said.

To be continued...


  1. haaay naku...akala ko babalik ng houes eh... kinabukasan pa pala... kakabitin na naman... ang sakit na ng puson ko lagi sa'yo!

  2. eto na kaya ang more than 2 months relationship na inaabangan ko? hahah

  3. curious as to why you called him FarmBoy hehe

    1. Because that was his actual PR account name before. :P

  4. Oohh haha ok :-)
    I was thinking na he owns a farm or something hahaha or he has a body that of a farmer (rip but lean)

  5. ayyy give away naman agad? bakit ka umamin? di mo pa inextend ang pakipot? LOL

    meron talagang ganyan ang older guys when dating younger dudes, always testing the waters kung may asim pa. hahaha! sa akin, the fact na sumama ka sa bahay ibig sabihin game ka :)

    1. Yun nga din ang ayaw kong isipin nya eh. Kaso wala naman kami iba matambayan. Tapos ayaw ko pa umuwi. :P

  6. awwwww. shet iniisip ko rin magpahard to get minsan kaso mas nauunang may mahard e. nyahahahahaa so laos. lol

  7. Iba pala tayo ng style. I won't go into someone's lair if I don't want sex to happen. Neutral ground all the way. :)

    1. Well, maybe part of my brain really wanted to have sex, kaya sumama ako. Nalabanan ko na lang somehow. Tsaka wala talaga kami iba matambayan that night, and ayaw ko pa naman umuwi.

  8. nakakakilig naman...
    and parang nice nga itong si Ace.. sana makilala ko rin siya.. chos!

    1. Don't worry, ipapakilala ko siya sa inyo. *wink*

    2. eeeeeeeeeehhhh. naku naman.. pero ikaw muna gusto ko makilala bilang kaibigan bago siya... hehehehe

  9. Ang hinhin. pagkatapos mabasa to, feeling ko mas mahalay pa ko sayo.

    sa entry lang na ito. the rest of your entries, mas mahalay ka pa rin sakin. :P


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