Thursday, September 5, 2013

R ~ Ramifications Of A Rambunctious Relationship

Have you ever been in a relationship wherein your partner was almost exactly the same as you? Well, that's what I had with Joshua

Back in February of 2010, I rejoined the same clan where I met Rom. At the end of the month, I attended their scheduled GEB. Aside from me, Joshua was the first member who arrived at the meeting place. He was tall at 5'8", chinito, and chubby. He's 2 years older than me. He looks like some kind of a cute Chinese businessman. I couldn't help but notice his smile. It was sweet yet somehow naughty. We talked for a while, waiting for our other clanmates to arrive. When the attendees were complete, we proceeded to the venue. All night long, I became more and more interested in Joshua, engaging him in conversations about random things just to be beside him. After the GEB, we regularly talked via SMS. A week had passed, we were officially a couple.

It took me a month before I was able to discover all our similarities. Let me enumerate them:
  • We are both passionate and romantic. We often spent hours talking, getting to know more about one another. Each stare was hypnotizing. Each kiss was breathtaking. Each touch was exciting.
  • We are both possessive. We easily get jealous.
  • Our own best friends have the same personalities. He also has one fag hag and one male friend whose homosexuality was still unconfirmed.
  • The two of us hate Double Dutch ice cream.
  • We have an extreme fear of spiders.
  • We have the habit of biting our nails when nervous.
  • We are huge Coldplay fans.
  • We are nuts about Harry Potter.
  • We are both very family-oriented. We had an agreement that we will prioritize our family first before each other.
  • Each of us had a girlfriend before.
  • We could get physical when angry or irritated.
  • We are both tops, but we bottomed for each other once. Yes, he was the first (and hopefully the last) guy I agreed to fuck me completely.
One afternoon, no one was home so I invited him over. We were casually surfing the web using our PC inside my parents' room when he suggested that we watch gay porn. Soon, things got hot and we were both aroused. We lay down on my parents' bed, torridly kissing while removing our clothes. In a few minutes, we were already sweaty, our bodies entwined in a lustful embrace. After doing a very intense 69, he whispered his desire to enter me. I looked at him, then down to his cock. It looks manageable, maybe around 4 inches when fully erect, so it probably wouldn't hurt that much. He pleaded while flashing me his goddamn smile, instantly erasing my hesitation and resolve to refuse. I said yes but only if he rims me first. And so he did for a couple of minutes. Then, I lay on my back, he raised my legs, lubricated his cock and my hole. He told me to get ready. I drew a sharp breath, then nodded. In an instant, I realized I was wrong. It still fucking hurt! I grimaced in pain as he pushed his cock inside me. He told me to focus on his eyes. It didn't help. He suggested I breathe deeply to relax my sphincter. It didn't help either. He kissed me and played with my nipples. That helped somehow, so he continued doing that until he had fully penetrated me. I could feel his groin already touching my buttcheeks. He gave me some time to recover from the pain. After a minute, I was tensed no more, so I told him to start. He began his thrusts slow and steady. The pain returned, so I tried to ignore it, focusing my attention on his face. He looked so hot; his moans were loud and full of pleasure, his body shining with sweat, and his face showed deep concentration. His movement became faster as he found his rhythm. I was really not enjoying it though. The pain was bearable, but it was still there, preventing me from taking pleasure out of the situation. I didn't feel any ecstatic sensation from it, like what other bottoms I know had told me. But Joshua was really enjoying it, so I let him. I sacrificed my enjoyment for him to be happy. I feigned pleasure for him, moaning and cursing profusely, which had a great effect on him. It was a good thing no one was home, because we were so loud. Several seconds later, his body started to tense, his moans were almost a yell, the force of his thrusts were already displacing me to the edge of the bed. Warm jets of cum began to shot out inside me. That was my favorite part. It felt really good. After his climax, he slumped on top of me. We hugged and kissed again. He removed his cock, then I stood up and went to the bathroom.

After two weeks, I got my revenge. It was his turn. We did it again in my parents' bed. I fucked him in four different positions: Reverse Cowboy, Doggie-Style, Spoon, and Missionary. Oh yeah! I made sure all my thrusts were hard and fast. Mine was bigger than him, so I'm sure it hurt more. But it seemed he was able to manage the pain better than I did, because there was no trace of it in his face. He seemed to enjoy it like a real power bottom. Damn, it looked like I wasn't getting my revenge at all, by the way things were. Oh well, I still made it worthwhile for me. In the end, he got a creampie too.

Having so many similarities, I couldn't help but think that I had a relationship with myself. Yes, it was fairly easy to relate with him since we had a lot of likes and dislikes. We had a bunch of sweet and romantic moments. We regularly gave each other surprises, like the ring he gave me on our 1st monthsary. We had a healthy amount of fun and interesting conversations. He introduced me to his friends; I bonded with them for him. There were times when he even fetched me from school. For the first month, I felt like I'm the luckiest guy in the world.

However, as happy as all of that sounds, we fought more than we were touchy-feely. The frequency was an average of 4 times per week. We are both argumentative so we always had misunderstandings. During fights, no one yields quickly because both are prideful.  He got jealous of people I don't even give a shit about. His moodswings were very difficult to manage. I regularly received verbal abuse from him. He even hurt me on several occasions. He slapped me every time he couldn't control his anger. He almost punched me once; it was lucky I was able to run away from him. He walked out on me during dates for several times. I had sleepless nights because of him. My pillows were wet with tears on some nights. Soon, I realize that this relationship was taking its toll on me with each passing day.

On our second month, our fights became more frequent and more irrational. Together with my problems in school (I was graduating then), these caused me so much stress. I was almost a wreck. A week after our second monthsary, I finally snapped. I ended things with him one night while we were eating in a lugawan near his house. He didn't ask for any reason. He left after hearing the words, anger evident on his face. He didn't even finished his meal. After a few days of being silent, he called me. He was hoping if we could start over, to make things work in spite of our personalities. I refused. I told him matters at school are currently giving me a hard time, and I don't need an additional thing to worry about. I needed some space and time to focus with my studies. After much convincing, he finally understood, telling me for the last time before ending our conversation that he will be around whenever I need him. In my mind, I said, "Nah-uh, that's the end of that."


  1. I wonder how it feels having a partner who has more in common with you than all your friends combined. Lol.

    1. Well, if you have one, then you don't need your friends anymore. :)

  2. I find you very consistent and firm

    You're not a Scorpio but you posses some of its traits.

  3. Awww.

    Bakit ba ganun ang mga Joshua? LOL

    Ako, never will I be able to forgive anybody who would hurt me physically. Yun nga lang, ako namimisikal. hahahaha

    Naloloka pa rin ako sa idea na 2 top kasi salitan ng schedule. hahahaha

    1. Seth, parang may pinanghuhugutan lang ah? *hahaha!*

      Hindi talaga compatible kapag 2 top, unless magiging regular bottom ang isa. Parang madaling nakakasawa din kasi. :P

  4. bakit parang ang init dito tuwing napapadpad ako sa blog mo? hehehe

    i have a similar relationship. but that's another kwento. :)

    1. *hihihi* Gillboard naman oh.

      Ikwento na yan. Dali naaaaa. :P

  5. na-miss ko magbasa ng blog mo hehe. babalikan ko un iba

  6. SPG much haha..... kawawa naman si kuya.. iniwan mo ng ganun pero ika nga nila mas importante ang edukasyon di ba?

    1. Oo nga eh. May Tema, Lengwahe, Karahasan, at Sekswal na hindi angkop sa mga bata. Patnubay ng magulang ang kelangan. *hahaha!*

      Siyempre! Ika nga ng highschool students: Books Before Boys Because Boys Bring Babies. :P

  7. What goes around comes around. I think you had what you have what you gave to Gio? Anyway, scary naman kung may physical hurt sa isag relationship. Kailangan siguro umattend ng anger management

    1. Actually, yan din ang naisip ko. Na parang ako si Gio sa relationship namin ni Joshua. :P

  8. no to battered relationships! hehe

    anyway since nbsb nga ako ewan ko kung anong feeling ng mainlove sa "sarili" mo na parang kagaya mo na. well siguro at first may kilig kasi iisipin mo destiny kasi halos magkaparehas kayo sa lahat ng bagay pero baka maging boring din naman eventually dahil masyado nang magkaparehas.

    and yeah... again, no to battered relationships! hehe


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