Thursday, September 5, 2013

S ~ Silly Encounter Of The Third Sex

One night on May of 2010, I was on my way home from review. I was sitting alone beside the window in a two-seater near the back of a bus. I was getting a bit sleepy when some guy sat beside me. I gave him a good look. He seems to be a few years older than me. He's kinda big, around 5'8", moreno, and very chubby. His hair's long, colored, and slightly unkempt. He was wearing stylish clothes. I glanced at his face. By the looks of his eye bags and his attire, I assumed he's a call center agent. He's not really my type, so I returned my gaze out of the window. I was almost snoozing again when I suddenly felt something was off. I noticed he had moved closer to me. Our limbs already touching, making me a bit uncomfortable. I decided to ignore him. Moments later, he was typing something in his mobile phone, then he hold it near me in a way that I could view the screen.

"Baba ka sa may tapat ng city college," the message said.

Geez, how tacky and lame. I'm not that kind of guy, so I did the proper thing.

"Hi. Anong name mo? I'm Geosef," I said, offering my hand.

He took it. He looked rather dumbfounded.

"Ako si <A name I honestly don't remember, but let's call him Boy, shall we?>," he answered.

"So Boy, ganito na lang. Kunin mo number ko, tapos i-text mo na lang ako. Okay ba yun?" I suggested.

He nodded and handed me his phone. Since his house is closer, he got off first. Hours later, I completely forgot about him. After a few days, I received an SMS from an unknown number.

"Musta?" the text read. I replied, asking who it was.

"I'm Boy, remember? Ako yung sa bus. Ano gawa mo ngayon?" he asked.

A flashback, so I answered, "Ah, yes I remember. Wala naman, andito lang sa bahay. Ikaw?"

"Punta ka dito. Wala akong kasama dito e. Nanood lang ako ng movie," he said.

I mulled over his invitation first before I said yes. In less than 20 minutes, I found myself knocking at his door. He led me inside his room. I surveyed it. It was so untidy. His things were in a clutter, some of his clothes were scattered on the floor. Luckily, there were no untoward odors.

"Feel at home lang ha," he said.

I just answered, "Okay. Salamat." But in my mind, I'm saying, "Yeah right. Hindi naman ganito kagulo ang kwarto ko no."

He continued the movie playing on his T.V. He lay down on his bed, I sat down on a chair beside him. After several minutes, he broke the silence.

"Gusto mo tumabi dito? Mas comfortable dito," he motioned at the space beside him.

By this time, I was already very horny, so I obliged.

"Payakap ha," he said.

I nodded. Then suddenly, we were kissing. His lips were soft, his technique was good. I might have enjoyed it if it wasn't for his very foul breath. My God. I couldn't concentrate. My fully erect cock was gone in an instant.

I tried ignoring the smell, but to no avail, so I interrupted, "Teka... Teka lang... Kasi --- kasi ang baho ng hininga mo eh. Hindi ako nag-eenjoy."

It was clear that he was taken aback, as he said, "Huh? Ah... Ganun ba... Naku, sorry ha. Kakagising ko lang kanina. Hindi pa ko nakakapagsipilyo. Teka muna..."

I stared at him, bewildered of what was happening. He stood up and went to the bathroom.

I talked to myself, contemplating what I should do next, saying, "Shit! Nakakadiri... Pinasok pa nya yung dila nya... Umuwi na lang kaya ako? Ano ba naman klaseng tao to? Haaaaay. Kung di lang talaga ako libog ngayon. Hayaan na. Eto na yung nakahain eh. At least, nasabihan ko before ako masuka ng tuluyan. Sulitin ko na lang para hindi sayang oras ko."

He returned after a couple of minutes. He apologized once more. We resumed kissing, while we stripped down. He was quite heavy so I went on top of him and started humping. However, my hard-on never came back, much to my disappointment. He had noticed this, so he tried making me hard again. He licked my nipples while playing with my balls, but it had no effect. I began to realize that whatever he does, it would only be in vain because my libido was all gone. So to finish this silly casual encounter, I did all I could to pleasure him instead. It wasn't much of a task actually. He's only around 3 inches long. I just blew him until he got off, spitting his cum after on one of the clothes lying around. After that, he didn't give any effort to make me horny again. Not that I cared really. I just want to get out of there as fast as I could.

He accompanied me to the bus stop. Before I got on one, he said, "Text text na lang ha."

I just smiled at him, knowing that his name in my contact list was already changed to 'DONOTREPLY9'.


  1. Yuck! Anu ba yun di man lang mag ready. Ako pag may mga ganyang keme I always make sure na maayos ako. Naliligo pa ko magpapabango mag mouth wash tsaka kung anek anek pa to the point na pati puson ko at groin pnapabanguhan ko khit nga ppnta lang sa gay club eh you'll never know eh.

  2. super kadiri naman yun!! pero mejo iba itong entry na 'to ah, natawa ako.. hehehehe..

    but i liked the "DONOTREPLY#" thing, gagayahin ko ha.. LOL!


    1. Nanginginig nga ako every time I remember this eh. Kaya nung sinusulat ko to, panay ang tigil ko. *hehehe*

      Thanks. :)

  3. parang protocol naman yung mag-ayos bago ka makipagmeet. i mean in general, mapatrabaho pa yan or what. that boy is kinda kadiri. lol ang kolehiyala ko.

    dapat umuwi ka na lang. sobrang TO.. pero sa bagay sayang ang lamang tyan pag libog. nyahahaha

    1. Actually, ni hindi nga nalamanan ang tiyan ko eh! LOL sayang oras. :P

    2. haha yeah. sayang nga sa oras. lol

  4. Replies
    1. Pagdating sa sex, oo. Lalo na kapag taglibog. :P

  5. Maasikaso ako dati. Pagsalubong ko, may towel at disposable toothbrush. Maglinis ka muna bago ka humiga sa kama ko hahahahah

  6. Asawa ko na umuuwi sakin. hahaha. Ayaw ko pa rin siyang palapitin sa kama pag di pa siya naliligo! hahahah

  7. geez experienced that one too, pag ka halik sa akin, tinulak ko nalang yung ulo pababa. tapos di ko na pinalapit sa mukha ko yung bibig niya.

  8. Ang ka-eow is... you gave him a head pa... hehehe... pleasure giver ka talaga ah... hehehe... nice!

    1. Sabi nga nila, 'the show must go on'. Performance level pa din Senyor. Para naman wala siyang masabi sa aking masama diba. :P


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