Saturday, July 12, 2014

Quintessential Hypocrite

Hypocrisy seems to be much more common than common sense nowadays. You can see hypocrites almost anywhere; on TV, at school or at work, on your neighborhood, or in the government. The blogosphere is teeming with them as well, but let's not dwell on that. Most are subtle, while some are just unbelievably blatant. Heck, even I am guilty of being one every now and then. I'm sure you are too, don't deny it.

However, there is one person I know whose hypocrisy is one of the worst I've seen. He's so bad, that if ever there would be an international contest for hypocrites, he would surely bag the first prize. This person is my current boss, Sir JR. And believe me, you wouldn't want to personally know how awful he is.

It is common knowledge in our company that no one likes Sir JR. He is very condescending and a know-it-all. Everyone's mood becomes sour whenever he opens his overbearing mouth. I think he's even lucky that he's yet to receive an anonymous death threat from a fed up coworker. I would give him one if I could, just for fun.

His managerial skills are extremely disappointing, if not laughable. He often gives us a ton of work, including his own responsibilities. Whenever he fucks up, he always put the blame on us, his subordinates. On the other hand, if it's a job well done, he's quicker than Usain Bolt in taking all the credit for himself, even though he gave little to no effort. Sir JR is the office's biggest jerk, with zero sense of accountability.

There was this one time when he told us that he must attend a very important meeting in another building. Then something urgent came up, so we tried to look for him where he said he would be, but he was nowhere to be found. And when we asked him the next day where he'd been, he just ignored us, saying that it's none of our business. That how terrible he is. And that's just one example among so many more.

A lot of us are wondering why no one in the higher management still hasn't fire him. They clearly dislike him too, so why do they continue to put up with his detestable attitude?

One of us concluded that he must be skilled in worming his way out of trouble. He's an expert in finger-pointing, and he could be quite a smooth talker. He has this certain charm that he utilizes whenever he wants something from someone. Maybe that's why he's always successful in avoiding sanctions. He's a rat. A dirty fucking rat.

In spite of the negative things I've said about him, these are not the reason behind my overwhelming hate towards him. There is another one, the reason why I dubbed him as the quintessential hypocrite.

When Sir JR interviewed me when I was still an applicant, the first thing I noticed was that he is gay. The way he moves and talks, the tone of his voice, and his overall appearance. I was pretty confident with my gaydar's observations. When I started working for him, imagine my surprise when I learned that he classifies himself as a heterosexual.

I overheard him once when he was talking with his co-manager, and it sent a terrifying chill down my spine.

"Alam mo, nakakapagod na nga lately eh. Andami nang chicks ang nagpapakita sa akin ng motibo. Mukhang effective ang gym membership ko," he said, chuckling, "Ang fluffy ko na, di ba?"

"Putangina, puke mo fluffy! Gripuhan kita sa tagiliran diyan eh, makita mo..." I whispered to myself.

I actually pitied whoever he was talking to. Hearing those words could probably cause someone into having thoughts of suicide. Well, I did, actually.

That truth is, Sir JR is neither handsome nor muscled. He looks exactly like a gremlin, with a protruding large tummy. The only positive things about his appearance are his light skin and smooth complexion. Other than that, he is one unsightly creature.

Fortunately, no one buys his 'I am straight' bullshit. For them, he is obviously an in denial homosexual. But for me, he is a frustrated piece of shit with very poor straight-acting skills.

Now, don't get me wrong here, I have nothing against straight-acting PLUs; I am one myself. What really ignited my hatred is this one instance that happened at work months ago. Remembering it never fails to grind my gears.

Here in our company, homosexuals are an abundance. One could say that we are the majority, from subtle pamintas to flamboyant effeminates. One afternoon, I was discussing a task with Sir JR when a flaming effem, named Sasha if I'm not mistaken, walked by.

Whenever I come across Sasha, I'm always at awe. He has long, silky hair and a skinny body frame. His dark complexion accentuates his height. He's tall, dark, and beautiful; someone who has a chance in winning a beaucon. He often wears sexy branded outfits, and he's fond of showcasing his collection of high-heeled shoes. He is well-liked by many because of his unique humor and his darling attitude.

As he walked gracefully past us, I saw Sir JR threw him a disgusted look.

"Kadiri namang bakla to. Nakakasuka na ang pinaggagagawa. Gandang-ganda lang sa sarili," he said, shaking his head before smirking.

I was flustered with what I heard so I wasn't able to immediately react to his nasty remark.

"Yung mga ganyang bakla dapat sa parlor lang. Dapat tanggalin na yung mga ganyan dito para umaliwalas ang paligid. Ang sakit sa mata eh," he continued insensitively.

I stopped myself from answering back, "Insecure ka lang, inggiterang froglet!" All I wanted that moment was to drive the pen I'm holding in one of his eye sockets, but I resisted the urge. That's how Sir JR affects me every time he speaks; he drives me to become a violent psychopath.

He continued to mumble obscenities about Sasha. My patience was wearing thin little by little, and I don't want to commit murder right then and there, so I decided to block his words out of my mind.

As a member of the LGBT community, I have learned to respect others' choice of how they'll live their life as a homosexual. Respect begets respect, and with that, Sir JR clearly deserves none. He is hypocrisy personified. Having absolutely no right to insult Sasha when he is a trying-hard straight-acting effem himself, sans the hair and outfits, he had completely crossed the line. Don't you hate it when someone who's obviously gay berates or demeans another PLU? It makes my blood boil every time. We long for equality from the eyes of heterosexuals, and yet we continue to discriminate our own. A very sad truth.

As long as there are people like Sir JR who roam the Earth, the future is bleak.


  1. Grabe, ang tapang mo naman para pangalanan siya dito ahahaha!
    Natawa ako, parang biglang naging basher's corner tong blog mo Sep XD
    Anyways, ang mga tulad nyang may basurang ugali doesn't deserve any respect at all.
    Hindi ba uso ang salamin sa kanila? Kung makapanglait naman LOL

    Hong ganda ng bagong blog layout mo :3 *thumbs up*

    1. *hahaha* Naglalabas lang ako ng sama ng loob, Fiel.

      Thanks! This is my favorite layout so far. :)

  2. saan nakatira 'yan? ipapatira ko 'yan sa badesa mae na gumugupit sa'ken. char! ang ugali ni koya directly proportional sa mga words na lumalabas sa veveklavush niya. alam na. 'pag nalaman ko kung saan balur 'nyan, choogs to go 'yan! chariz!!!!!!

    1. Wag ka mag-alala Nyora, aalamin ko para sa'yo. *hahaha*

  3. He's pathetic. He still hiding in his closet. Hating other gays doesn't make him look straight, not even human. Insekyorang maldita, chaka naman pala. Dapat ang ganyan ang pinapatawan ng gay cruelty, (nag-imbento na naman.) Dahil wala namang ganon, animal cruelty nalang.(mas bagay pa). bwahahahaha. *evil grin

  4. "...he drives me to become a violent psychopath." Lagi akong nakakaramdam ng ganun. Naiimagine ko na lang ang sarili ko na sinasakal ang taong kinaiinisan ko, lalo na yung mga kupal sa workplace.

    Kung legal lang siguro ang paggawa nun noh? But no. Wala eh, matagal mamatay ang masamang damo.
    Mabuti naman at naco-contain mo pa ang sarili mo Sep. :)

    1. Malapit na rin akong sumabog. At pagnangyari yun, ipuputok ko na sa kanya itong galit ko, no pun intended. *mwahahahahahaha*

  5. ay punyeta yang jr na yan ha! haha nagcringe ako sa fluffy conversation. haha
    hindi ko alam kung may correlation ba ang mga mapagpanggap sa basurang ugali. haha ang dami ko kasing kwento na naririnig na yung mga taong obvious naman na beki pero indenial ay masasama ang ugali. haha

    well siguro dahil may tinatago at may hindi matanggap sa sarili kaya nagproproject sila ng wall. kaya ayun.
    howell sana lang makahanap ng katapat yang si bakla. butit walang nagrereport sa mga kapunyetahan niya sa buhay sa mga bossing.

    1. Nung nagbibinata pa lamang ako, I think ganyan din ako noon, pero hindi kasing level ni Sir JR.

      Sana may makabasa nito na psychology expert, para ma-enlightened tayo. *hehe*

  6. narealize ko yung poot ko sa aking comment. haha eh well nakakabwisit kasi siya e. affected ako. ahaha

  7. Hindi ako makakatagal sa ganyang opisina kung ang kasama (lalo na 'pag boss ko pa) ko ay sobrang kinaiinisan ko. Pero mas importante siguro na macontain mo 'yung patience mo, mas okay rin na hangga't maari ay maiwasan ang magkaroon kayo ng conversation kasi the more na makaharap at makausap mo siya the more na madadagdagan ang pagkairita mo sa kanya.

    1. Ang iniisip ko na lang ay bigay siya ng Maykapal sa akin bilang isang training; upang matutunan ko kung paano humarap sa mga taong kagaya niya.

  8. Three words: egotistical chauvinistic asshole! If ever he really is gay, he'll be giving LGBT a bad name.

    Btw, thanks for dropping by my blog. Your kind words of encouragement to continue writing really means a lot to me. :)

    1. That's a fitting description for that douche. *hahaha*

      You're welcome, Brent. ;)

  9. Um, sorry Sep. Honestly, of the LGBT community, the Transgenders are the ones I am still confused. Baka confused lang si Sir Jr mo sa part na yun ng LGBT? Don't get me wrong. I'm not against Transgenders. Gusto ko lang sila mas maintindihan

    As for his remarks, oh no! Guilty ako. Don't get me wrong ulet. I'm open na at ladlad na but sometimes I kind of make those kind of remarks to poke fun and to make people realize that we PLUs face such discrimination.


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