Friday, June 27, 2014

Percy Jackson & The Olympians: The Lightning Thief

First of all, this is not a movie review. Though it looks like one due to the nature of the following story.

When Percy Jackson & The Olympians: The Lightning Thief came out, I was kinda excited, even though Greek mythology is not my thing. Still, since this film was also based on a book series for children, I thought it would temporarily satiate my hunger for Harry Potter as I wait for its penultimate installment.

So, together with Joshua, I rushed towards the nearest movie theater. We bought food, picked the best seats, and prepared ourselves to be entertained. Surprisingly, however, just 20 minutes into the movie, I was already bored; it was disappointingly bland.

"Amboring..." I told my seatmate who, by the look on his face, was clearly enjoying.

"Okay lang naman ah," he said, eyes glued to the screen.

I scoffed and said, "Talaga? Nakakaantok kaya."

Joshua dismissed my remark, so I kept quiet and just slumped on my seat. Another 10 minutes have passed when an idea struck me. I sat up straight and leaned towards him.

"Tara, iba na lang gawin natin," I whispered softly.

I got his full attention using just six words. He looked at me, examining my face. In response, I winked and smiled at him.

"Seryoso ka ba? Nasa sinehan tayo ngayon, Sep," he said.

"Oo. Hindi ko pa na-experience sa ganitong lugar eh. It would be a first.... And maybe last," I pushed.

"Hindi naman 'to gaya ng mga sinehan dun sa Recto o Quiapo. Delikado dito. Kapag nahuli tayo, lagot na," he stressed.

I knew that he's considering it, because if it's not, then we won't be having this conversation. He would've just brushed me off and continued watching. Instead, he was trying to reason with me—a sign that he's interested, and only a little more push was needed.

I squeezed his arm and said, "Sige na Josh... Ngayon lang naman. Gusto kong i-try. Hindi tayo mahuhuli, promise."

He sighed and asked, "Baliw ka talaga... Paano natin gagawin yung gusto mo eh nasa gitna tayo?"

"Tara, lipat tayo dun sa pinakataas. Sa bandang sulok," I said, standing up quickly before he could protest further.

Joshua reluctantly followed me, and in a matter of seconds, we were already seated in one of the dark corners of the movie house. Since it would be his first time too, we were both pretty nervous. Our senses were heightened as the air around us got much colder. It would be very risky; getting caught would surely be humiliating, and the punishment could be dreadful. However, the excitement brought by the risk had already clouded our judgment. That was it, there's no turning back now.

For several minutes, we sat there innocently, pretending to watch the fight scene between the protagonist and a multiheaded monster, while also surveying our surroundings, just in case someone noticed us and became suspicious. The nearest person was 5 rows away, and the room lights up whenever a bright scene was shown, so we have to do the deed only during the dark ones.

Joshua remained motionless, so I initiated by kissing his neck while fondling his crotch. It's a good thing that he was wearing athletic pants that day; let's just say that I had easy access. Within seconds, he was already hard. He pulled down his pants, then motioned me to start stroking him. I watched his face as I began playing with his tool. He was moaning softly, head raised and eyes closed. I, too, was already very horny.

"Magbantay ka, sisisid ako," I whispered.

He nodded at me, then I plunged in, my mouth covering the entirety of his length. I looked at him once more, checking to see if he's doing what I instructed. His eyes was open, biting his lip to keep himself from moaning louder. It must have been difficult for him, I thought, staying vigilant for roving cinema attendants while occasionally glancing down to watch me. Well, he had no right to complain, really, since he was the one being serviced. Therefore, I stopped worrying about him and just focused on the task in front of my face, or rather inside of my mouth. I pulled down my shorts and began to pleasure myself as well.

"Ang init ng bibig mo, Sep... Sige pa..." he moaned.

I sucked, slurped, and licked his dick without a care in the world, like there's no tomorrow. Lust mixed with fear, I'm still not sure how to describe exactly how it feels. Ecstatic and intense? Wild and crazy? There is one thing I guess I could say though; it's indeed a must-try. You only live once anyway.

His hips started to thrust upward, synchronizing to my rhythm. After a couple of minutes, his body began to tense, and his cock became much stiffer. He let out a long and loud moan as he shot jets of cum in my mouth. I swallowed every drop of it; it was kinda bitter, but I didn't mind. Within seconds, I followed suit. His climax had given me a surge of libido, and before I know it, I was spasming on my seat, my jizz going everywhere.

When I finally calmed down, I heard a small chuckle. I looked at Joshua weakly. His pants were already up, and beads of sweat were glistening on his forehead.

"Bakit?" I asked.

"Eh kasi yung tamod mo oh, napunta lahat sa shirt mo, kitang-kita... Ang dami... Pati yung sandalan ng upuan mo, tinamaan," he said, grinning at me.

"Sorry naman. Kalibog eh..." I said, laughing.

"Ayusin mo na yung shorts mo... Eto jacket ko, suot mo muna para matakpan yung mantsa. Labhan mo na lang bago mo ibalik," he offered.

I fixed myself, sat up straight, and wore his jacket.

"Grabe... Nag-enjoy ka ba?" I asked.

"Sobra. Ulitin natin ulit next time ha," he said.

"Sus. Kanina, aayaw-ayaw ka pa," I jeered.

"Eh kasi naman eh..." he said, meekly.

"First and last na dapat 'to no... Okay na yung nasubukan natin ng isang beses. Masyado rin kasing delikado, lalo na sa ganitong klaseng sinehan. Sabi mo nga, hindi naman to gaya nung nasa Manila," I explained.

"Well, I guess may point ka... Di bale, I think solve na ako," he agreed.

Since we were no longer interested with whatever was being show on the screen, we decided to go out early.

This is the reason why whenever someone asks me if this movie is worth watching, I always tell them that I'd rather have sex than see this again.

The end. Roll credits.


  1. Haha. Madami akong movie na hindi ko makwento, ni pamagat hindi ko matandaan. Alam na. Hahahahhah

  2. grabe ang tapang mo!! di ko kaya yan. at ang lakas ng tawa ko nun tumalsik lahat sa shirt mo shumod mo. LOL

    at di ko kaya mag swallow ng cum. ikaw ang idol ko sa lunukan. chos!

    1. Oh well, ganyan talaga kapag libog. *hahaha*

      Uy di ako mahilig lumunok. Occasionally lang if trip ko. :P

  3. Ang tapang ng post na 'to! Kasing tapang ng sumulat!
    Hanggang doon lang talaga ang komento ko, haha!

    1. Matagal nang nasa drafts ko itong kwentong na 'to, actually. Ngayon lang ako nagkaroon ng lakas ng loob isulat. *hahaha*

  4. sarap mo namang kasama sa sine. charot. haha


    1. Try me, KC. *hahahaha* :)

    2. Ay wag mo akong i-challenge.. papatol ako! hahahahaha

    3. Okay, sorry, aatras na ko. LOL

    4. ano ba yan? ang dali namang umatras!!!! haha

  5. I only tried this with my ex Mark nung may sinehan pa sa Robinsons Place Cainta LOL

    1. Nakaraos ba? *hehe* We did ours dun sa mall chain na matagal nang rival ng Robinsons. ;)

  6. futa! nag-water water ng beri beri lite ang imaginary kipayla ko dun. hahaha. pero infurrrview, exciting nga 'yan! kaya kong itaya ang dangal ko sepsep, subukan naten. charms!

  7. anung *hahaha*? seryoso 'yan noh! charms!!!! hahahahaha..


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